BlackDial Collection

We watch-lovers know that black-dial watches have special power and versatility and the Vinchesi Designs Black Dial collection is meant to complement these pieces through dominant use of black stones alongside a supporting cast of silver and other stones.

Black-dial watches also tend to have stainless steel cases and bracelets, and the Vinchesi Designs silver elements make a further powerful visual connection with your watch.

Designs in this collection variously feature the following black stones:
  • Onyx stone with matte finish, 8 millimeter
  • Onyx stone with luminous finish, 8 millimeter
  • Obsidian stone, with luminosity in certain light and surprising bursts of color in strong sunlight, 8 millimeter
  • Lava stone, 8 millimeter

Solid Thai silver pieces unify each design, and a few carefully placed bursts of understated color add visual interest.

Explore the BlackDial collection, and enjoy the art of choosing as much as the art of acquiring.