Wrist Size

We want your luxury bracelet to fit well and since it is made only for you and not before you place your order, we have the opportunity to work together on the sizing right after you place your order and before we actually make it.

This is important because Vinchesi Designs uses steel wire inside the bracelet, not stretch material.

As you complete your purchase, you should select from among "Medium / Large / Extra Large / XX Large" -- however, we will communicate directly with each other via direct-message, text, or email after you place your order and before the bracelet is made.

Your wrist measurement

The key piece of information we need from you is your actual wrist measurement, in either inches or centimeters, which you can determine using a string and ruler or tape measure. 

Please be assured that the size of the bracelet will be a bit larger than the size of your actual wrist, so that it fits comfortably, and so we request that you provide the tight wrist size and we will leave room.   

For example, my wrist measures 7 inches around using a string and ruler, and the DeepBlue bracelet measuring 8 inches fits very well.