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I am pleased to introduce a new luxury Holiday bracelet, the


This special piece features stone cubes that evoke wrapped presents to be opened on Christmas morning (or holiday of your choosing), and also luminous garnet stones that bring a rich and deep red in a subtle way that supports the red ceramic elements that are the stars of this design (but can come alive in direct light, adding additional warm flashes of color).

Rogue elements make fashion and life much more fun, and in this design there are two of them: the first is the off-center Jade stone, and the second is the presence of two holiday red ceramic beads that stand in for Thai silver in a few places.

But the visual interest doesn't end there as this piece features a deliberate arrangement of elements to promote the interplay of each with the others -- in this case, the Vinchesi Designs 4321 pattern in which silver elements punctuate blocks of four stones, then three, then two, then one.

Stones and Materials

The Vinchesi Designs V.Holiday>RegalodiNatale contains the following elements:

  • Garnet stones
  • Nephrite jade stone
  • Ceramic cubes
  • Ceramic red beads
  • Onyx-black stones (luminous)
  • Thai silver pieces
  • Thai silver clasp (large)
  • Stainless steel wire guards
  • Sterling silver crimp covers
  • Sterling silver crimps

This luxury bracelet is double-strung with 49-strand stainless steel wire and each stone and silver element is smoothed on the inside to reduce abrasion and enhance durability.


This hand-made luxury bracelet can be sized specifically for your wrist. Don't be concerned with selecting the "right" size at checkout -- just pick a size and then upon placing your order, we can correspond directly for accurate sizing and the piece will be handmade specifically for you.