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I am pleased to present the


luxury bracelet from Vinchesi Designs


Red-orange in hexadecimal color code is ff5349, and The Elite>5349Nebula gets its name from the hand-selected jasper stones whose swirling stripes of deep red and orange thrill with each turn.

The design features my 4-3 pattern in which pairs of stones, in this case two jasper and two onyx (luminous), are accented in every third location by chunks of Thai silver. 

This arrangement results in high visual interest as the pairs of like stones are sometimes together, and sometimes split, but not in a random way.

The uniqueness of these particular jasper stones (chosen from hundreds and selected for their red-orange character) makes this a unique piece, One of One, and therefore part of the Elite collection. 

At right is a closeup of the featured central pair of stones -- their magic increases the more deeply you look into them.

As beautiful as these are, each of the other jasper stones in this bracelet is no less spectacular, as seen in this closeup:

In addition to being limited edition (of one piece only), all luxury bracelets in the Vinchesi Designs Elite collection feature a heavier / more substantial Thai silver clasp than those found in other collections.

Stones and Materials

The Vinchesi Designs Elite>5349Nebula contains the following elements:

  • Jasper stones
  • Onyx-black stones (luminous)
  • Thai silver pieces
  • Thai silver clasp (large)
  • Stainless steel wire guards
  • Sterling silver crimp covers
  • Sterling silver crimps

This luxury bracelet is double-strung with 49-strand stainless steel wire and each stone and silver element is smoothed on the inside to reduce abrasion and enhance durability.


This hand-made luxury bracelet can be sized specifically for your wrist. Don't be concerned with selecting the "right" size at checkout -- just pick a size and then upon placing your order, we can correspond directly for accurate sizing and the piece will be handmade specifically for you.