Elite>ChrysoMoss1 Luxury Men's Bracelet

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--Please note that this unique luxury bracelet has been sold--

I am very excited to introduce a new addition to the Vinchesi Designs Elite collection: the Elite>ChrysoMoss1, a 1-of-1 piece that is alive with color and yet is also understated and elegant in its presentation. 

It is a limited edition piece because of its spectacular turquoise center stone and the hand-selected chrysoprase stones with brown and gold tones (chrysoprase is usually a mostly green stone) and opposite-side hand-selected moss-agate stones, each of which is unique in its translucence.

Details of the Design

The Vinchesi Designs aesthetic is centered on visual interest and intrigue – keeping things fresh and enlivening, not just at first glance, but over time.

An essential element of the ChrysoMoss1 is its use of two different stones on either side of the turquoise center piece.  This design choice was inspired by the Jeager LeCoultre “Reverso” watch, which is known to all watch lovers as a legend of ‘double-your-pleasure’: the watch face can be reversed, revealing a second watch face on the opposing side.

While enjoying my own luxury bracelets, I noticed that I see mostly one side and not the other as I wear it throughout the day, and it struck me that a bracelet could be made with two different looks and offer a choice of which side is dominant depending on the mood.

At the same time, a quality design harmonizes the variations and maintains a unity of ideas and impact, and in ChrysoMoss1 the stones embellish different aspects of the same center stone and are brought together by that center stone.

The particular piece of turquoise featured in the ChrysoMoss1 has brown and gold hues, which are supported on one side by the beautiful chrysoprase stones of brown and gold hue.  

The center stone also has green and blue tones, which are supported by the agate-moss stones on the other side.


Up close and in strong light, the agate-moss stones show an intricate matrix of occlusions.  It is a beautiful and fascinating stone.

Imperfect center-stone.  It is important to note that in my designs I use turquoise stones that are a bit rough. In this piece there are a few craters and veins, and I find that they add a masculine quality to the look.    


Stones and Materials

The Vinchesi Designs Elite>ChrysoMoss1 contains the following elements:

  • Turquoise center stone
  • Chrysoprase stones
  • Agate - Moss stones
  • Thai silver beads
  • Thai silver clasp
  • Sterling silver crimp covers
  • Sterling silver crimps


This is a single, hand-made luxury bracelet that can be sized specifically for your wrist. Upon placing your order, we can correspond directly for accurate sizing.  Please see more information here.