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I am excited to offer an especially luminous luxury bracelet, the


This luxury design features two luminous stones: Labradorite and Eagle Eye Jasper, and also features a rogue Apatite stone. It is hard to say which stone is the star of this show, but the Apatite/Labradorite pair slightly off-center makes a strong case for itself.

Sterling silver 'saucers' punctuate the unique pattern in this bracelet.

If you know labradorite stone, you know that it appears translucent and almost monotone just before blues, greens, and other colors appear floating within the stone, drawn out by various light sources all around you.

And when sunlight hits it hard, labradorite can really explode -- check out this sunburst captured with morning sunlight:

All Vinchesi Designs luxury bracelets are designed to offer visual variation while on your wrist throughout the day, but the stones in this bracelet add an extra level of excitement.  Eagle Eye jasper offers a different kind of swirling luminosity, with a cat's eye effect that can be mesmerizing.

Stones and Materials

The Vinchesi Designs Elements>Ethereal contains the following elements:

  • Labradorite stones
  • Eagle Eye Jasper stones
  • Rogue Apatite stone
  • Sterling silver accent pieces
  • Thai silver clasp
  • Sterling silver crimp covers
  • Sterling silver crimps
  • Stainless steal split rings

This luxury bracelet is double-strung with 49-strand stainless steel wire and each stone and silver element is smoothed by hand on the inside to reduce abrasion and enhance durability.


This is a hand-made luxury bracelet that can be sized specifically for your wrist. Choose a size at checkout and know that upon placing your order, we can correspond directly about the desired fit. The Sizing page also contains additional useful information.