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The Vinchesi Designs BlackDial>FivePoint incorporates strong black stones of two kinds: onyx (matte) and obsidian (luminous), along with five agate-blue stones on one side, and solid Thai silver elements on the other side, creating the Reverso-like versatility of this piece.

Silver accents alongside strong black stones pair well with black-dial watches and particularly those with stainless steel, white gold, or platinum cases and bracelets.

Note the subtle effect of onyx next to obsidian in this design: almost imperceptible, but in certain light the effect creates meaningful visual interest.

Stones and Materials

The Vinchesi Designs BlackDial>FivePoint contains the following elements:

  • Agate-blue stones
  • Onyx-black stones
  • Obsidian stones
  • Thai silver pieces
  • Thai silver clasp
  • Sterling silver crimp covers
  • Sterling silver crimps
Enjoy this closeup of an agate-blue stone.


    This is a hand-made luxury bracelet that can be sized specifically for your wrist. Upon placing your order, we can correspond directly for accurate sizing. Please see more information on the Sizing page.

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