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Summer Vibes are very much in effect with 

The 4321>GreenTiger luxury bracelet features three beautiful stones including Fossil Jasper, River Stone, and the Main Event in this arrangement: Burmese Jade stones that have a depth of glow to them reminiscent of Tigereye stones.  

Just as was done in the Elements>Sand luxury piece, this bracelet uses the subtle contrast of tan / cream / brown colors to evoke a "linen" vibe that feels right for summer. By adding luminous Burmese Jade stones, this design offers a classy bit of color and also a cat's eye effect for beautiful visual interest.

The swirl in these stones is hard to capture in still photographs, but in close-up view their depth is evident.

Vinchesi Designs seeks to enliven life's moments each day, and the particular arrangement of stones and silver pieces is part of the allure. In 4321>GreenTiger, if you look carefully you will discern the 4-3-2-1 pattern of stones, and in the midst of this I chose to place Thai silver pieces in every third location, imposing a second pattern in a visually interesting overlay. 

Please note that no two stones are alike among the Burmese Jade stones and the fossil Jasper stones, and the luxury piece made for you upon purchase will be hand-selected by the Artist and shown to you before final assembly.

Here is a second 4321>GreenTiger showcasing the variation and lustrous beauty of Burmese Jade:

Stones and Materials

The Vinchesi Designs 4321>GreenTiger contains the following elements:

  • Burmese Jade Stones
  • River stones
  • Fossil Jasper stones
  • Thai silver pieces
  • Thai silver clasp
  • Sterling silver crimp covers
  • Sterling silver crimps
  • Stainless steal split rings

This luxury bracelet is double-strung with 49-strand stainless steel wire and each stone and silver element is smoothed by hand on the inside to reduce abrasion and enhance durability.


This is a hand-made luxury bracelet that can be sized specifically for your wrist. Choose a size at checkout and know that upon placing your order, we can correspond directly about the desired fit. The Sizing page also contains additional useful information.