4321>Christmas Morning

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This design celebrates the Christmas season and is composed of ceramic red beads that evoke wrapped gifts alongside your choice of natural green stones of agate (as shown) or jade (10 millimeter size).  The design also includes black onyx, Thai silver accents and toggle clasp, and two special Christmas-red ceramic beads to give it an extra level of good cheer.

The order of each element is intended to create visual interest in at least four ways:  

The first is a repeating pattern that reduces the red cube series by one as it goes along. The second is the introduction of two rogue beads (in seasonal red) that liven up the design, but not too strongly. The third is a function of the first: the solid silver beads get closer together as the red cube patterns reduce in number. The fourth is the combination of round, cube, and faceted rondel beads, but in what should be a harmonious coexistence.